“East issue”of Turkey begins now, actually!

East issueof Turkey begins now, actually!
The atrocity in Cizre, we have watched live day by day, lasts almost more than a month. Today, about more than a hundred people from Cizre, most of them less than 20 years old and who were alive one or two weeks ago are dead now. People who were wounded only for one or two weeks agoand asked us for a glass of water are not with us now. These people died gradually. They were tormented, they had to witness the death of who were with them, they lived dead and wounded together, and they were tortured to death, burned as they were without water, and starved.
And these people massacred by having us to watch each step. Apparently, they want to test our silence. And our silence is approved with Cizre. In this way, we used to watch and wait bigger massacres.
With this massacre, they also causean information pollution delibaretly. Adherent media of rulling party promotes this info pollution, and this situation lead to a confusion about what really is happening in Cizre.
Therefore we should review the developments in Cizre:
What has happened there?
We first hear about that there are wounded in a house in Cizre on January 22. Deputy of pro-Kurdish party Faysal Sarıyıldız who was with the people of Cizre from the beginning of the curfew stated that there were almost a group of 20 people were wounded including Cihan Karaman. University student Cihan Karaman could not get an ambulance,although there were the injunction order of the European Court of Human Rights.All day long, while Cihan Karaduman was inside,
they bombed the building as the social media making a call for an ambulance for Cihan. Even Cihan tried to reach the ambulance once, he couldnt make it because of their opening fire. And he turned back to the building. Cihan died on January 23.
On January 24, we hear about another group of 31 people, most of them were wounded, were entrapped in a basement in Cudi distriction. After Faysal Sarıyıldızs giving their adress and warning authorities about the wounded who need medical aid, building began to be bombed. We keep up with whats going on through the messages sent from wounded to Faysal Sarıyıldız
Now, they distroyed the building above us.
We can barely breath.
The gate of the building collapsed and they bring down the building.
Every passing minute, people are loosing their lives. Heval(My friend) what happened to the negotiation.
Here, there is a girl named Sultan, she is seriously wounded. She constantly told me that Father dont leave me alone. I am grieved as I hear.
There is a 13 years old girl who always asks us for water. But she has internal bleeding so I cant give any.
We begin to receive some news about the wounded that they are dead now.
Meanwhile in Ankara, deputies of pro-Kurdish party negotiate with the authorities and the government about sending ambulances to wounded.
On January 27, municipalitys ambulance and funeral veichle was sent to the bulding to retrieve the wounded and the dead bodies. But, armoured veichles laid siege to the basement before the ambulances.Restrained ambulances and funeral veichles from retrieving the wounded and the dead bodies were hold out of the district. The basement began to be bombed, and the summons was made to the wounded. Ambulance was sent four times during the day.The ambulance was blocked by the intensive and fake clashes of the armoured veichles each time of its going closer to the head of the street.
We continue to receive the news that they are dying inside.
Pro-Kurdish party deputies Osman Baydemir, Meral Danış Beştaş and İdris Baluken went on a hunger strike in the ministry of interior when they failed in their negotiationswith the government about sending ambulances to the wounded.
A new message was received from the basement on January 29.
Heval (my friend), one of us, who hasnt any injury on his hand, unbolted the water treatment system and he obtained one litre of water for us. Everybody wet their lips with this water… All of us moan with grain and cant even speak.
I will kill myself, enough is enough. I dont want to hear any cries about water anymore.
I say water Heval(my friend), say water
Two more ambulances have sent to the basement on January 29. Through video images that shot at the moment,we witnessed that the basement was bombed at the same time with the arrival of the ambulances.Meanwhile the messages continue to be sent from the wounded inside the basement.
Heval (my friend), emergency… There have been seven howitzer fire, we cant hear most of our friends voice anymore.
The same day, the names of sixteen of the wounded became known, and first photographs from the basement appeared on media. Wounded look very weak and unconciosness in the photos.
Police special forces raid at the basement on January 30. Wounded are buried under the wreckage of the basement during the raid. Meanwhile voluntary paramedics moved to Cizre around the Kurdish region.
15 years old Sultan Irmak who was wounded in the basement died.
Ten of the woundeds mother went closer to the basement to hear about their children and they are taken into the custody.
Throughout the time ofall these have happened in the basement, simultaneously some bodies are found as burned in some houses around the Cizre. On February 1, five dead bodies discovered from a burned house in Cudi district of Cizre.
Meanwhile in Ankara
In Ankara, the authoritiestry to suppress the massacre by polluting the info stream despite the photos and messages from Cizre and even despite Mehmet Tunçs live TV interview from the basement. President Erdoğan stated that Maybe they were not wounded and President Davutoğlu also stated thatMaybe even there wasnt any wounded in the basementwhile the wounded have been loosing their lives one by one in the basement, and the building in which they entrapped have beeen bombed, and the mothers of wounded were beating their breasts only a few hundreds meters away from them. Nobody asked from the media that If there isnt any wounded in the basement, so why dont you allow anybody go there?
Second and third basements
On February 5, we get news from another basement includes 37 wounded, in the meantime we havent heard anything aboutthe situation, and the first basement, since the special forces attacked the building on January 30. In the same day, an ambulance immediately went there to retrieve the wounded, and the developments bore a striking resemblance to the first basement.
A women who is supposed to be a paramedic as it was seen on the media was yelling through a megaphone to wounded:
We have been waiting for you since 9 am in the morning. Now, government is providing for you all the health service you need. You can go outside the building in security. You, wounded, please come to the head of the street. All health service is provided for you. Please come to us for your health, please.
Government should know that those seriously wounded who were trapped in the wreckage could possibly not reach the ambulance which was six hundreds meters away from them. It is obvious that this video was shot on purpose, and via this video, the government tried to indicate their sending ambulance to the wounded who actually dont need.
So that, 16 years old Abdullah Gün who believed their call and go outside the burning bulding was massacred by the security forces.
By the way, HDP (Peoples Democratic Party) and DBP (Democratic Party of Regions) committee was trying to reach Cizre by walking with thousands of people alongside them. But the government dont allow anybody enter Cizre, about where they claim there is no wounded.
Dead bodies were bound in diferrent street of Cizre. Four more dead bodies which found in Cizre Cudi district, Paraşüt and Huzur Streets were taken to hospital on February 7. Very next day, on February 8, seven more dead bodies were taken to hospital.
On February 7, national public brodcaster TRT announced a newsbreak:
In Cizre, security forces entered the basement which is under the control of terrorists. And they exterminated almost sixty terrorists.
Peoples negative reactions to this news results with the satementof Şırnak governorship who proclaimsnext day that only ten terrorists were killed. But the numbers show us that the governorships claim is not true. Twentyseven dead bodies were carried to hospitals on February 9. Later in the same day, twelve more dead bodies also were carried.
On February 10, we are informed about the third basement in which the wounded stuck. According to information, twenty dead bodies and twentyfive wounded were there. In the same day, list of the woundeds name were published on the social media. Toward noon, families of the wounded began a walkout to enter the basement, and they halted by tear gas. In the afternoon, funeral veichles were sent there instead of ambulances.
Trapped woman named Derya Koç gave a TV interview from the basement. She explained their situation as this: They burned the wounded with fuel. We cant breath because of the tear gas. They make us to listen chauvinist anthems. If you keep on doing nothing about us, they will kill us with gas.
Derya Koçs cry wasnt heard. On February 11, thirtyone more dead body were carried to hospital. The some of the dead bodies not only were burnt but also were dismembered. There were dead bodies those didnt have head or face or arm and leg. The funeral vehicles driver Cemal Candoruk, who carried the bodies to hospital was taken under custody.
Operation completed and dead bodies were displayed
On February 11, Minister of Interior Efkan Ala declared that operations were completed, but the curfew will last for more than a couple of days. In the same hours, social media accounts of military police posted some photos of dead bodies were laid on the ground in Cizre. In the photos, womens dead bodies were displayed as naked. Şırnak governorship had to make an announcement because of the negative reactions to the photos. He said that the place seen in the photos of naked dead women was not Cizre. But, the street and the district on the background of the photos contradicted with the governorship.
While I was writing this article, the number of dead bodies carried to hospital reached almost 123. Hospital staff who saw the bodies said that the bodies not only burned but also dismembered. In this morning, a health officer who were in the authopys room, told me thatprobably a special kind of a weapon or a bomb should be used to generate those wounds in which little shrapnel pieces can be identified. That officer also told me that some of them were killed before burned.
Cizre is sttil under fire although the operation was completed. And roar of tanks, artillery fire and the sounds of bullets can still be heard. A lot of houses are fired and these fires havent been extinguished yet.
They destroy the Cizre and this complete distruction can easily be seen through the images from Cizre. Mir Bedirxan and Mem û Zin lived in this ancient city, and the Mesopotamias the most beautiful flow of River Dicle can be seen from Cizre which is now burned and destroyed.
Peace comes to Cizre!
Prime Minister Davutoğlu makes a statement on this wreckage.
He says: Streets of Cizre are surrounded by peace and security.
Look at the funerals.
Look at burned and distroyed Cizre.
Dear Prime Minister, what is your understanding of peace?
What about your Islam?
Are you kidding with those poeple whose houses are fired and destroyed, whose children are killed, and burned viciously, whose dead bodies were displayed as naked.
East operation of Turkey is completed for you, do you really think so?
Let me tell you something, in Cizre, you plant the seeds of anger that will last a hundred of year.
For the Kurdish people, another life begins after this Cizre!
From now on, Cizre is a deep heartbreak for the Kurds.
It will be impossible to hear the voice of peace that were told before Cizre!
East issueof Turkey begins now, actually!

Gotin sar bû*

Nurcan Baysal, Diyarbakır

*Words have no more influence